уторак, 19. март 2013.

Jim Jarmusch from the Future

Black screen. I paused the movie to go downstairs and make some tea. On the way there I go through the dark hall, down the stairs, with which I acquainted myself enough not to need the light. I am thinking of the tea I am about to make. It is going to be Zen green tea.
It’s not a brand called “Zen”. It has to do with the way I am going to prepare the tea. I am preparing the tea. Slowly I take out the pot. I set it on fire I just lit. No hurry.
With every move I am more and more close to myself. I breathe knowingly. The water reaches almost the boiling point, so I turn off the fire. Green tea is better when water’s temperature is slightly less than the boiling 100°. I insert the leaves into the cup. The box from which I took out the leaves has a nice design. The brand is Chinese.
Upstairs I go.
I start the movie again and here comes the new scene. So far there were always two people sitting at the table together. They talk, drink coffee and smoke cigarettes. Yes, the movie is called “Coffee and Cigarettes”. In the previous scene they talked about Nikola Tesla. I just wrote a poem inspired by reading an interview with him. And earlier today I received an e-mail from a friend from Vienna who asked me to tell him more about Tesla. Since I had mentioned I am his great fan. It seems like Jim Jarmush also is. And I am his, too.

In this scene they are drinking tea. So I am sitting with the characters in the movie. Together we are having tea. The three of us. 
For the first time in the movie they are drinking tea.

Now I paused the movie again because I want to tell something about another scene earlier in the movie. 
It is when the two African Americans are in Memphis, Tennessee.
You see, I am going to Memphis, Tennessee. Jim Jarmush knows it.

In his other movie “Night on Earth” people ride in the taxi and lead conversations in different cities. It all happens at the same time, it is one hour during the ,,Night on Earth”. 

The thing is that I had almost visited those same cities in the exact same order of appearance in the movie, before watching it. If only you would swap the first two cities, then I would have had the same chronology with my personal visiting experience as the movie shows them: Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome, Helsinki. Well, except for the last one. I hadn’t visited Helsinki when I watched it the first time. But I told myself: one day you will go to Helsinki.

I was couch surfing in Helsinki and I stayed with a guy, who was an amateur movie maker. He had seen “Night on Earth”. He gave me tips in which part of the city I should go, If I want to recognize some places from the movie. I didn’t really recognize them, but I had watched the movie long ago. I said I’d watch the movie again when I come home. The time spent with Sami was really pleasant. He is a cool amateur movie maker guy. His friends are interesting, and his little chiwawa with a reputation of finding strangers completely repulsive- actually liked me. And when I came home, I did recognize some scenes. There was this orthodox church and the square, where they drive the taxi car in circles. The driver was mad that they were making fun of his unfortunate life story.

Now I take sips of my Zen green tea and I am amazed as to how Jim Jarmush can be such a prophet. He seemed to know where I have been before watching his “Night on Earth”. He then invited me to go to Helsinki to meet Sami and have a great time with his friends and his Chiwawa.

Now he put one of the scenes in “Coffee and Cigarettes” to take place in Memphis, Tennessee. The city where I am going, because I will go on an exchange for a semester there at the University. Just next year.

I start to believe that Jim Jarmush is from the future. He comes back in time, “down to Earth”, and he informs me informally over “coffee and cigarettes”, or tea (because it’s more healthy) about my future whereabouts. I thank him for that. I am his fan.

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