среда, 23. јануар 2013.

'Cock Hatches Birds' or 'How I went to the Cinema and got out'

Going south in Antwerp might mean going to the cinema. I am glad that was the exact meaning of me going that direction last week. Not that there were no difficulties finding the place... But once I was there, I was positively surprised.

A very modern-looking cinema, with much fairer prices for <26 than other places in Antwerp with the same purpose. => I will be going to the Cinema South more often.

With my friend Anton, who is soon leaving Antwerp (so let this mentioning be a tribute and thanks to him for being my regular cinema-mate in this city :)), I have seen Hitchcock's "Birds".

It was really much different than what I had expected, and I certainly had a certain image of the movie (the use of an aliterative certainly on purpose), since I heard about it long ago; somehow I was imagining it being very dark and scary. But in fact, it wasn't that scary. And it certainly wasn't dark. Not a black&white movie this one.

I really liked how the shift in the movie is being made in the focus of the main theme. About half of the movie everything seems to be about "whether they will get together", a kind of a romance; and then, there is a transition into something that could be called a "horror", but then a very uncharacteristical one. Birds attack humans.

For me it was interesting to notice how people in the movie were wondering why are the birds doing that.  It seems so strange and horrible, completely impossible to grasp.
I made a connection with this aspect to another element, which is present in the movie: the caged birds. In the begining there is a scene in a bird shop, and in fact that is where the two main characters meet. And then there are also two loving birds in a cage, which are brought as a gift.
From a philosophical point of view the observation is: for us there is nothing strange or horrible about keeping birds, who are creatures able to fly, in a cage, and even making money out of that. Yet when birds get together and attack us, it is something so terrible and we have to ask ourselves the famous 'why?'.
A little bit of good ol' shift in perspectives (perhaps a switch to the "bird's perspective"?) would do us good!

When we got out of the projection room, it felt we we were still in the movie. We headed towards the exit of the Cinema South, and we could see through the glass door an ambulance car in front of the building.
It had a symbol of a bird on it.

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  1. I think back in the days when it was released (1963), it could have been considered quite scary and dark. And I did not notice the bird on the car.

    btw. I had a dream afterwards where I had a little bird on my shoulder and than in the morning I woke up with a small scratch on my knee..

  2. So you where laughing simply becauase there was an ambulance car? Haha, I was sure we were laughing about the same thing (the bird logo)...

    And yes, you are probably right that it would have been scary back in the 60's. Nowadays, if nothin else, the movie has the power to scare you afterwards, in your dreams, I suppose? :)