недеља, 09. септембар 2012.

A cosy afternoon in Ossenmarkt. A short Philosophy of Blog.

Much more important than the topic of this specific blog itself is the fact that I actually decided to keep a blog, about some interesting things I observe in Antwerp.

I never wrote blogs before, and with writing diaries for example I always had a little problem: being regular. 
With this blog (daće bog) I hope to see some regularity in articulating the things that go through my mind and I think them to would look interesting on paper (or nowadays perhaps "on screen"), but never actually physically write them down.

So, in the first place, this blog is for myself. 
I simply follow the urge to write, and this seems to be a convenient form for that expression. And as for the second place, the place I am in right now is Antwerp, Belgium, and this city will be the subject of my blogging. At least for now.

But then again, doesn't blogging equal sharing? Of course. This blog is also for all the people that may have, for any reason, some interest in the occasional output of the mechanism that is running in my head.

As for the language, I chose English, so as to be able to convey most accurately the international atmosphere, that I feel to be "breathing" here, as an Erasmus exchange student.
All human beings are subject to making errors. Warning: this subject also will be making some errors on purse pass
And also, this way the sharing can also go not only one way: in the direction of my dear Serbian-speaking friends (who are also English-speaking), but also to some of my also English-speaking, but not also also Serbian-speaking friends.... Something like that.

Now to start with the topic, A cosy afternoon in Ossenmarkt.

Ossenmarkt is a square in the university area with a few cafés and many block-like benches to sit on.
So far I always saw many students there and it seems like a perfect place to hang out, outside.

[Having approximately this view, I decided I wanted to keep a blog.]

I also went to sit in the "ciffie" (as officer Crabtree from ''Alo 'Alo' would say. Good mooning!), that you see in the photo above.

[With approximately this view I was pondering over re-producing reality.]

That is what blog is all about. Isn't it?

That's what happens: you talk about something you did. And if you had a camera with you to capture what you saw, you can also make a visual hint about it. Like I did just now. 
Right now, I am looking at the photo and I am making a connection with the time I spent sitting at this table, that I see on the image.
I write about it. It has already happened, in its unique way. It is unrepeatable. But reproducable.
It possible to talk about it, to communicate something regarding it, and that itself is a mode of happening. It is something that I now do.
And you, the reader, also are doing something by reading this, by following my stream of thoughts, which have found their way to the canvas of your screen.
Stop for a moment. 
This is the (w)holy moment. 
The moment in which the whole universe is breathing. 
Slowly, slowly.

     .     .     .

In this little cup was brown suggar, which is significanlty healthier than the white one, and in the upper-middle part of the photo, slightly to the left, you can see a gray little something. That is a public pissoar. A very practical thing, in my opinion!